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Litigator of the Week

Gregory Garre of Latham & Watkins.

Litigator of the Week: Gregory Garre of Latham & Watkins

By Jan Wolfe |

Navigating his way through racial politics, education policy and U.S. Supreme Court precedent, Garre won a ruling this week that preserves student affirmative action at the University of Texas at Austin.

Rengan Rajaratnam, left, exits federal court with his attorney Daniel Gitner in New York on Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

Litigator of the Week: Daniel Gitner of Lankler Siffert & Wohl

By Jan Wolfe |

Gitner kept U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara from claiming another scalp in his war on insider trading. More importantly, he kept his client out of jail.

Paul Clement

Litigator of the Week: Paul Clement of Bancroft

By Jan Wolfe |

In the span of less than a week, the former U.S. solicitor general unraveled the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate and derailed a threat to the broadcast and cable TV industries.

David Boies

Litigator of the Week: David Boies of Boies, Schiller & Flexner

By Ross Todd |

Unlike Boies's most famous cases, most Americans will never hear of Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund. But for corporations, or anyone whose bread is buttered litigating securities class actions, Halliburton was the big news at the Supreme Court this week.

Theodore Grossman

Litigator of the Week: Theodore Grossman of Jones Day

By Jan Wolfe |

Grossman didn't just help Macy's win its high-profile bench trial against rival J.C. Penney over the Martha Stewart brand. He publicly shamed J.C. Penney's entire leadership for trying to lure Stewart away.

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr's Seth Waxman

Litigator of the Week: Seth Waxman of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr

By Jan Wolfe |

For the second time in two weeks, Waxman has clinched a victory at the U.S. Supreme Court. This latest win will allow his client Pom Wonderful to move forward with its false advertising claim against Coca-Cola.

Joel Cohen of Gibson Dunn, Roland Riopelle of Sercarz & Riopelle,  Mark Cohen of Cohen & Gresser

Litigators of the Week: Joel Cohen of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher; Mark Cohen of Cohen & Gresser; and Roland Riopelle of Sercarz & Riopelle

By Jan Wolfe |

The three defense lawyers won trial victories for clients accused by the SEC of an insider trading scheme at hedge fund Wynnefield Capital.

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher's Andrea Neuman.

Litigator of the Week: Andrea Neuman of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

By Jan Wolfe |

Neuman made a name for herself exposing fraud on the part of plaintiffs lawyers suing Dole over its pesticide use in Latin America. This week, she finished off nearly all the remaining cases in a more old-fashioned way, winning a ruling that Dole's opponents waited too long to sue.

Litigators of the Week: Stephanos Bibas and Glen Kulik

By Jan Wolfe |

Kulik of Kulik Gottesman & Siegel and U. Penn law professor Bibas scored a rare win against a movie studio this week after the U.S. Supreme Court revived a copyright infringement suit over the 1980 film "Raging Bull."

Bradley Ruskin

Litigator of the Week: Bradley Ruskin of Proskauer Rose

By Jan Wolfe |

For many defense lawyers, winning a ruling that could stem the tide of shareholder lawsuits would be a career-defining achievement. For Ruskin, it was the icing on the cake in an influential sports law case he's dominated from start to finish.

Jeffrey Shinder

Litigator of the Week: Jeffrey Shinder of Constantine Cannon

By Jan Wolfe |

The battle over Chevron's environmental legacy in Ecuador has claimed its share of victims. This week the wisdom of Shinder's decision to walk away from the case was hammered home by Patton Boggs, the law firm that took his place.

Stephen Tillery of Korein Tillery.

Litigator of the Week: Stephen Tillery of Korein Tillery

By Jan Wolfe |

It's more than a little unusual for an intermediate court to undo a high court decision. But Tillery's $10 billion battle with Philip Morris is no ordinary case.

Harold Barza and Michael Williams

Litigators of the Week: Michael Williams and Harold Barza of Quinn Emanuel

By Jan Wolfe |

The duo's client complained that 3M Company stole his work, patented his technology, and then sued him for allegedly infringing it. Now it's 3M's turn to complain, after a judge socked the company with a $26 million judgment this week.

Litigators of the Week: Matthew Moore of Latham & Watkins and Robert Angle of Troutman Sanders

By Jan Wolfe |

Moore and Angle won a ruling this week that promises to stem an assault by patent powerhouse Intellectual Ventures against a group of major banks.

Gerald Maatman

Litigator of the Week: Gerald Maatman Jr. of Seyfarth Shaw

By Jan Wolfe |

When the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accuses his clients of discrimination, Maatman doesn't just defeat the government's claims. Instead, he has a knack for shining a light on the EEOC's own practices, embarrassing the agency and vindicating employers in the process.

Erin Murphy of Bancroft

Litigator of the Week: Erin Murphy of Bancroft

By Jan Wolfe |

Like her mentor Paul Clement, Erin Murphy of Bancroft PLLC now knows what it's like to deliver the winning argument in a polarizing U.S. Supreme Court case.

Orin Snyder

Litigator of the Week: Orin Snyder of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

By Jan Wolfe |

Paul Ceglia claimed in a 2010 lawsuit that Facebook's founder promised him a 50 percent stake in the company. Now Ceglia's fighting criminal fraud charges for bringing the case, and Snyder's relishing a slam-dunk victory.

Michael Rhodes

Litigator of the Week: Michael Rhodes of Cooley

By Jan Wolfe |

Data-mining class actions against Silicon Valley's tech heavyweights will be raging for years. But plaintiffs lawyers looking for a big payday are facing a major new obstacle after Rhodes' victory this week for Google Inc.

Litigator of the Week: Rollin Chippey II of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

By Jan Wolfe |

Chippey not only helped secure a $520 million verdict for firm client Asahi Kasei Pharma, but also successfully blocked an appeal by high-priced counsel from Quinn Emanuel that drew formidable amicus support from the business community.

Randy Mastro

Litigator of the Week: Randy Mastro of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

By Jan Wolfe |

The ruling vindicating Chevron's fraud and racketeering case against Steven Donziger runs to nearly 500 pages. And on pretty much every page, the aggressive strategy of Mastro's team at Gibson Dunn shines through.

Thomas Goldstein of Goldstein & Russell

Litigator of the Week: Thomas Goldstein of Goldstein & Russell

By Jan Wolfe |

The omnipresent Supreme Court advocate and SCOTUSblog cofounder scored a major victory for class action plaintiffs who are seeking billions from law firms and other advisers of Ponzi schemer R. Allen Stanford.

Ted Wells of Paul Weiss

Litigator of the Week: Theodore Wells Jr. of Paul Weiss

By Ross Todd |

Ted Wells has long been a towering figure among trial lawyers. After his report on the bullying scandal that rocked the NFL's Miami Dolphins, he's on his way to becoming a household name for sports fans as well.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara at a press conference in January

Litigator of the Week: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara

By Jan Wolfe |

Bharara has taken some flack for his choice of targets on Wall Street. But it's hard to argue with his record of insider trading convictions, which now stands at a stunning 79-0.

Litigators of the Week: Kathy Patrick of Gibbs & Bruns, Matthew Ingber of Mayer Brown and Hector Gonzalez of Dechert

By Jan Wolfe |

Through two-and-a-half years of litigation and a fiercely contested bench trial, the trio of lawyers helped keep Bank of America's $8.5 billion settlement with mortgage-backed securities investors on track.

Robert Wick and Kenneth Gallo

Litigators of the Week: Robert Wick of Covington & Burling and Kenneth Gallo of Paul Weiss

By Jan Wolfe |

Even in the megalitigation over price-fixing in the LCD industry, Motorola's $3.5 billion case against Samsung and other LCD manufacturers was a biggie. Not so much anymore.